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Lawsuits involving family law can be financially and emotionally draining.  It is important to find the right attorney to represent you at all stages of your lawsuit at a price you can afford.  When it comes to advocating for your rights, rely on the Law Office of Kennisha Dabney Norman for your family law and estate planning needs.

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Family Law & Estate Planning

12 Years of Experience

Family Law

Kennisha Dabney Norman has been practicing Family Law for years, with countless successful cases.  Harris & Montgomery County clients can count on this Family Law practice to manage the legal process as timeously and efficiently as possible to achieve the best results for our clients.  This firm handles uncontested divorces, uncontested suits affecting the parent-child relationship, uncontested modifications, pre-marital agreements, post-marital agreements, property deeds, qualified domestic relations orders, and notary services.

Estate Planning

Unfortunately, millions of people pass away without a will which causes families to turn against each other rather than console one another after the passing of their loved one.  If a person dies without a will in Texas, the Texas Estate Code determines which family member will take in your estate and not you.  If you are sick and unable to make decisions in your best interest, wouldn’t you want to designate a person to make specific decisions for you rather than a next of kin you do not have a close and personal relationship with.  The Law Office of Kennisha Dabney Norman offers affordable estate planning documents for simple estates of individuals and married couples that are ready to make important decisions about their last wishes at the time of death, medical decisions, and designating someone to take care of their minor children.  Please feel free to contact our attorney when you are ready to begin the estate planning process.  

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Over many years, Attorney Norman has gained the experience and expertise necessary to make this process as seamless as possible. She will establish your goals and align expectations. If you have any questions, simply reach out to her.

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"Ms. Norman is a great attorney.  She handled my divorce in a professional way.  She made sure that she crossed all her T's and dotted all her I's.  I had tried for a couple of years to get a divorce from my now ex-husband. There was always a problem as to why it wouldn’t work out in getting divorced. Finally I came to her and she got it done in the 60 days required by Texas law. I just went yesterday and the judge ruled in my favor and granted my divorce. I am thankful for her and all she did to help me... I recommend her highly. If you want someone who understands the law and knows exactly what she is doing then definitely go with Mrs Norman. Plus she is reasonable with what she charges to get the job done... Thank you Mrs Norman again!!"

Meagan Lowe

"Ms. Norman handled my legal needs in a professional and courteous manner. She explained the process to me right from the start and guided me through the proverbial family law minefield. I highly recommend Ms. Norman to handle any legal issue you may have." 

Manuel Bustamante

"Awesome at what she does and has your best interest at heart"

Melanie Love


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